House Diary, Eviction Looms

My three month countdown to eviction has become a stagger from last this to last that. Last Fisheries debate, last Salvation Army Carol Service, last photo exhibition.

What Happened To Hope

Compared to the surge of enthusiasm and hope which brought Labour to power in 1964 or 1997, our present situation is depressing. Neck and neck in the polls where we should be streets ahead of a shambolic, nasty government. Our leader harassed and not as refreshing we`d hoped. Our Shadow Cabinet is largely unknown. We`re not striking winning chords. On some issues the public is ahead of us.

Time for Devo North

The excitement and the explosion of energy which have gone on in Scotland over the last few weeks are both a joy to behold and something for we poor Northerners, all excluded from the fun, should envy


Austin Mitchell MP visits the Stallingborough site to meet with graduates and apprentices whose careers are supported by historic engineering company

Pfizer needs a dose of ethical tablets

Describing Pfizer’s intentions for AstraZeneca as “rape” has produced a Twitter storm of abuse from Tories anxious to distract attention from the Government’s weakness in the matter

Grimsby Telegraph, 24th Mar 2014


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Same Sex Mess

I’m in an agony of indecision over same sex marriage. On the one hand I’m not illiberal or homophobic. On the other I am not particularly bothered about this, think civil partnership is enough, and have concerns about the legal repercussions. It will probably pass but why now when there are so many other things the Government needs to sort out?

Churches, their congregations, and older people don’t want it. Young people are more relaxed and, of course, homosexuals passionately want it. Though strangely when I spoke to the North East Lincolnshire LGBT even they were divided.

Either way it’s an issue that needs to be thought through quietly. But this is impossible under the almost hysterical pressure I have received from both sides. Indeed when I put a few cautionary words on Twitter I was deluged with abuse as an old homophobic dinosaur. It’s very off putting.

Leon Ward, nurtured by the Grimsby Labour Party, tells me I should step down, presumably to make way for a young person. Even my daughter and grandchildren threaten not speak to me if I don’t vote for it, no bad thing.

The question is why the hell is Cameron precipitating this mess? The best thing would be to separate marriage into civil marriage and religious marriage. Under the current bill there are supposed to be guarantees for religious groups but I don’t think it will be long before legal action is brought against a church.

What agony. As of now I am inclined to abstain.    


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